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Yolima Taborda Rojas - Paisa Coffee Founder
Yolima Taborda Rojas - Paisa Coffee Founder

About US

Paisa Coffee LLC is a U.S importer of specialty premium coffees grown and processed by single families in Colombia. We are a Women-Owned and operated business based on the values of transparency, honesty, responsibility and devotion for what we do and the impact we generate in both farmers and specialty coffee roasters.

What We Do

What We Do



Paisa Coffee is totally committed to Roasters and Farmers for they are the reason of our existence. We work hard to help them make the best out of their businesses. We truly believe the best cup of coffee is the result of teamwork between roasters and farmers, and to ensure this team really works we guarantee communication flows within and throughout the parts and feedback is transfer appropriately to improve everyone's experience. 



All Coffee Farmers of Colombia
and their families

Alvaro Muriel - Coffee Farmer


Taborda Rojas Family - Finca La Vega
U.S. Coffee roasters in search of unique, high-quality coffees, looking for an opportunity to connect directly with the producers and know the story behind their coffees.



Rojas Granados Family - Finca La María



Taborda Cortez Family - Finca La María