About us

John Jairo Rojas - Finca La María

Our Mission

Paisa Coffee's mission is to connect small Colombian families of coffee farmers who work hard to produce high-quality coffee, with U.S. coffee roasters in search of specialty coffees with exceptional characteristics and grown in a sustainable environment.

Our job is to bring high-quality green coffee directly from the farms to our costumer's doors, as well as ensure fair trade and compensation for the farmers that produce it. We are the link between Roasters and farmers, we provide communication and feedback both ways and ensure both parts are happy and knowledgeable of the other part's labor so that long lasting relationships are built.


Our Vision:

Our vision is to teach the practice of coffee cupping to every farmer we work with so that they are at the same level of expertise than the roasters making possible the pursuit of the same goals regarding quality and excellence in the cup.

Why Should You Chose Us

Paisa Coffee has over 22 years of experience with Colombian farmers. Our job is not only to help you get the best single origin coffees but also ensure farmers are paid fairly and can continue to grow their farms and sustain their families. Furthermore, as a roaster, you will have the opportunity to customize a truly specialty coffee by having a say in the process done by the farmers.

Finally, we have long-standing relationships with coffee farmers in Colombia allowing you direct access to the farms for a unique experience with the farmers and their families.

Jairo Taborda owner of Finca La Vega and his daughter Yolima Taborda Founder of Paisa Coffee




Yolima Taborda Rojas - Paisa Coffee Founder
Yolima Taborda Rojas - Paisa Coffee Founder

About Our Founder

Yolima Taborda Rojas is a native Colombian woman and daughter of coffee farmers, whose dream has always been to share her love for coffee with the world. She believes the best cup of coffee comes up when both farmers and roasters work together as a team to improve quality and add value, and when both parts are aware conscious of not only what the other does, but also the importance of their job. Yolima was born and raised on Finca la Vega farm, which is currently one of our partner farms. She grew up learning about coffee farming and seeing her family work hard to produce the best possible coffee. Thanks to her background we can say with confidence at Paisa Coffee we have some of the most special coffees in our hands. Coming straight from origin gives our founder the possibility of speaking from the coffee farmers’ perspective and the motivation to help them built direct relationships with coffee Roasters interested in connecting with them.

Q grader certification

In July 2017 Yolima became a licensed Q grader! 

A Q grader is a professionally accredited cupper who has approved a series of rigorous certification exams that qualifies them to work on behalf of the Coffee Quality Institute. A Q rater certification is based on quality and is intended to teach a unique "coffee language" to coffee professionals around the world providing a system that works the same anywhere when it comes to determining the quality of a certain coffee. In simple words, a Q grader is a coffee professional qualified to give a score between 0 and 100 to a certain coffee and therefore classify it as being specialty or non-speciality.

This is a big achievement because it allows us to improve the quality of our coffees at the farm level by determining what needs to be done in order to achieve the highest possible score for each coffee we purchase. Therefore we can increase the opportunities for success and growth of all of our current and potential partner farmers at the same time we guarantee the highest quality coffees to our friends the roasters.