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Jairo Taborda and Stella Rojas - Finca La Vega Owners


Finca La Vega

The coffee farm Finca la Vega was founded in 1992 by Jairo Taborda and Stella Rojas whom after getting married decided to buy a small piece of land in a Colombian mountain located 1900 meters above sea level. Both Jairo and Stella grew up surrounded by coffee which had been the family business for three generations, therefore their decision on taking this path.
Today, Finca La Vega has a plantation of 13.000 trees and the family has grown up to 5 members, two sons and one daughter who are also 100% involved in the family business. The advantage of having highly nutritious soil and an exceptional weather gives the coffee from Finca La Vega a combination of qualities that reflect in a clean, sweet and fruity enjoyable cup.


Finca La María

Finca La María has been producing coffee since 1945. The farm has been passed from one generation to another one throughout the years. It belonged to Gustavo Taborda, Adolfo’s father during a period of 20 years from 1993 to 2013. Gustavo Taborda then sold the farm to his son Adolfo Taborda in 2013. Adolfo, who had a farm in another mountain of the region, 4 hours away by car and has been in the business his whole life decides to sell his current farm at that moment to buy his father's and moves with his wife Zoé and his daughter Lorena to the place were he had grown up to manage is new coffee farm.
Today the Taborda Cortez family has a plantation of about 12,000 trees and the extended experience and many advantages on the good conditions of the soil have helped Adolfo develop an exceptional coffee that deserves to be shown and recognized as such. As well as his farm, Adolfo and his family are responsible and disciplined people full of love and pride for what they do, is that why their dedication and hard work deserves to be compensated in a fair way.

Taborda Cortez Family - Finca La Maria Farm Owners


Rojas Granados Family - Finca La María Owners


Finca El Camilo Coffee Farm

John Jairo Rojas first farm was given to him by his father when he was 15 years old in 1982. He planted 500 trees and since then started his career as a coffee producer, taking care of everything himself and basing every decision on all of the knowledge his father had passed to him until that time.
In 1993 John got married to Sonia Granados, his current wife and together they grew their farm to 4,000 trees in 1998 and then 7,000 more a few years later. In 1995 they had their firs child named Camilo and in 1999 they had a daughter whom they named Ana Maria.
Today The Rojas Granados family has a plantation of 18,000 trees located at an altitude of 1,900 meters above sea level. Thanks to all the years of experience and the advantage of having a healthy and rich soil, John has gotten to produce an excellent complex coffee with cupping notes of red fruits, citric lemongrass and smooth dark chocolate that gives a unique clean cup.

Finca La Cordillera Coffee Farm

Finca la Cordillera is located in a small village called Pueblito de San José in the Amagá municipality of the Antioquia department of Colombia. The farm is located at an elevation between 1630 and 1830 meters, which allows for a wide selection of flavor profiles within the different lots in which the farm is divided.

The farm has a land extension of 14 hectares. Half of the property is planted on coffee of the Castillo varietal and the other half is planted on forest intended to preserve and protect the natural resources of the mountain. The average production of La Cordillera is about 24.000 pounds of coffee each year.

José Fernando Montoya, the producer, has been working with coffee during his whole life. He is very knowledgeable about the importance of coffee quality and the main role that farming and processing play in the whole process. He has been working for many years on ways to improve the quality of his coffee and also help his neighbors in the process of adopting better practices at the farm level.

The exceptional coffee produced at Finca La Cordillera is known for its sweet, floral and vanilla-like aroma, followed by sweet, citric, floral and chocolate notes that combined with a clean cup and medium body provide a unique cup of coffee.

José Fernando ensures his coffee is picked at the right point of ripeness avoiding any immature cherries on the pot. He is also very careful regarding the fermentation process allowing his coffee to fermentate for about 48 hours. After this, the beans are washed with clean mountain water and then dried. The detail-oriented process along with the rich soil and proper fertilizing procedures make of this coffee a Specialty- Single Origin Coffee worth of international recognition.

La cordillera
Finca La Cordillera
José Fernando Montoya
José Fernando Montoya - Producer / Juan Rojas - Collector 


Finca La Candela

Finca la Candela belongs to the Lotero Cano Family. They are a third generation of coffee farmers living in La Loma Del Guamo village in Titiribí town in Antioquia. 

Alberto Lotero, the father, bought a big portion of the farm 8 years ago from another coffee farmer and neighbor named Luis Rios. Alberto and his family owned some lots already but most of the farm was acquired then.

The farm has always been called La Candela. The previous owner gave it that name and Alberto and his family never changed it. There are currently 10.000 threes on the plantation but this family started out with 4.000. All threes are 100% Arabica Castillo varietal.

Alberto Lotero and Gloria Cano, his wife, met in 1985. Today they are a family of five. They have two daughters named Yuliana and Fernanda and an older son named Andrés who works in the fields with his father every day. The Lotero family is a clear example of a traditional coffee producing family in Colombia. They are hard working and family oriented with strong values and principles that keep them united. 

We started working with this family in 2018 and look forward to bringing their wonderful coffee to the United States for many more years. 

Finca El Pilar

Finca El Pilar belongs to the Cadavid Velásquez family. It is located in a village called Otramina in the Titiribí municipality of the Antioquia department of Colombia. The farm’s elevation is between 1650 and 1800  meters, which allows for a high-quality coffee worth of international recognition.

This farm is recognized for employing mostly women that represent female-headed households and work hard every day to provide a better future for their kids and families. The farm owners also help support their kids so that they can go to school. These women are very dedicated and disciplined, which is reflected in the quality of the coffee produced at El Pilar.

Titiribi, the municipality, is located 60km from Medellín City and its main economy is coffee. The farm is located about 2km away from the town and has been producing coffee for over 30 years. Finca  El Pilar is a traditional family farm that has reached today a number of 75.000 trees and a capacity of production of about 30.000 pounds per year. The varietal produced at the farm is Castillo.

During the harvest time, only the ripe cherries are collected and then pulped at the end of each harvest day. After that, the coffee is fermented for a period of 12 to 15 hours and then dried at a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius.

The main harvest occurs between October and December of each year when 85% of the coffee is collected. The other 15% is ready to be collected during March and April the year after.

Café del Pilar participated in a cup of excellence contest in the Antioquia department and came on the sixth place out of  200 participants. Cupping notes for this coffee are vanilla and almonds with a balanced malic acidity.